I am fascinated by the past.  Its richness and its depth.  Everyone’s personal history is an endless inquiry, a bountiful resource free for the taking.


I love to roam the fields of what once was, to zero in on a moment in time – and try to capture some of its essence with music.


Selected Discography


Kevin Finseth  ‘The Wounded Quartet’ (2013)  A suite of 4 pieces for piano, cello, and bass balalaika.


Kevin Finseth  ‘The Captive Road’ (2011)  An album of piano-based compositions, with assistance from a wide range of Vancouver musicians including Peggy Lee, Frazey Ford, and Alpha Yaya Diallo.


Kevin Finseth  ‘The Return’ (2004)  Ambient folk hymns for piano, bass & accordion.


Alpha Yaya Diallo  ‘The Message’ (1999)  Juno winning album by afro-pop guitar legend, produced by Kevin Finseth.


The Bedouins  ‘Gun Crazy’ (1991)  Inspired by film noir, desert blues, Italian soundtracks and classic reggae – written, performed and produced by Kevin Finseth & Forbes MacKay.


The Langley Schools Music Project  ‘Innocence & Despair’ (1976)  Mid 70′s elementary school choir becomes worldwide outsider phenomenon some time around 9/11 – supervised & arranged by Hans Fenger.  Cover photos and design by Kevin Finseth.