kevin finseth

Kevin is regularly releasing new music featuring his piano, bass balalaika, marimba, and vocals; with Turkish singer / instrumentalist Asli Maj, Canadian Cellist
Peggy Lee, and engineer/remixer A-Dub.


I Dream in Winter's Light

5-song suite

piano, bass balalaika

written by kevin finseth
except To Build A Home by Patrick Watson
& How Beautiful Is My Love by Mikis Theodorakis


(feat. Asli Maj, Peggy Lee, Bedouins, Alpha Yaya Diallo & A-Dub) - 5-song EP

Lament for Flâneur (feat. Asli Maj, Peggy Lee, A-Dub) - Single

Asli Maj, Kevin Finseth - Istanbul 2021

Photo by Isin Can

At Crew Studios April 2022

Herzog - 5 Song EP
(December 2021)

The Idea of East - 6 Song EP
(March 2022)

Press for Herzog and The Idea of East
Q&A with Stuart Derdeyn:

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A  Review of The Idea of East
Doug Heselgrave

..."The Idea of East" is a rare and exhilarating recording that helps redefine the parameters of modern chamber music..."


"For Finseth, working with Asli Maj represents the fruition of a long held musical dream.  “Since first being exposed to Turkish popular music, more than 40 years ago, in the back of my mind I always wanted to incorporate Turkish female vocals into my compositions. I just loved the sound." 


"Asli's haunting, wordless vocal phrases and kemenche tones offer a perfect counterbalance to Finseth's spare piano, and are expertly blended by sound alchemist A-dub who creates a deeply satisfying sonic experience."


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Opium Hymns - Album
(Jan 2020)

Press for Opium Hymns:

Photo by Isin Can

CDs of Kevin's releases are available at his record shop Highlife Records on Commercial Drive (Little Italy) in Vancouver.