kevin finseth

Kevin is regularly releasing new music featuring his piano, bass balalaika, marimba, and vocals; with Turkish singer / instrumentalist Asli Maj, Canadian Cellist
Peggy Lee, and engineer/remixer A-Dub.



music by kevin finseth
lyrics by asli maj

vocals, kemençe - asli maj
piano, bass balalaika - kevin finseth
cello - peggy lee
additional sounds - a-dub

engineer / mix / master - a-dub

made in Vancouver & Istanbul

cover photo by kevin finseth

This music is dedicated to my mother, Ruth Hall, born this day in 1924.

released September 10, 2023

Distant Blues 

music by kevin finseth
lyrics by asli maj
except The Promising Gambler & Once Was True - lyrics by kf
Turkish translation of Once Was True by i?in can

vocals, kemençe - asli maj
piano, bass balalaika, marimba - kevin finseth
cello - peggy lee
drums - geoff hicks
guitar - chris blades

engineer / mix / master - a-dub


release date 4/3/23

I Was a Child... 

4-mix maxi-single

piano, bass balalaika, vocals, kemece

music by kevin finseth
lyrics by asli maj

I Dream in Winter's Light

5-song suite

piano, bass balalaika

written by kevin finseth
except To Build A Home by Patrick Watson
& How Beautiful Is My Love by Mikis Theodorakis


(feat. Asli Maj, Peggy Lee, Bedouins, Alpha Yaya Diallo & A-Dub) - 5-song EP

Lament for Flâneur (feat. Asli Maj, Peggy Lee, A-Dub) - Single

Asli Maj, Kevin Finseth - Istanbul 2021

Photo by Isin Can

At Crew Studios April 2022

Herzog - 5 Song EP
(December 2021)

The Idea of East - 6 Song EP
(March 2022)

Press for Herzog and The Idea of East
Q&A with Stuart Derdeyn:

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A  Review of The Idea of East
Doug Heselgrave

..."The Idea of East" is a rare and exhilarating recording that helps redefine the parameters of modern chamber music..."


"For Finseth, working with Asli Maj represents the fruition of a long held musical dream.  “Since first being exposed to Turkish popular music, more than 40 years ago, in the back of my mind I always wanted to incorporate Turkish female vocals into my compositions. I just loved the sound." 


"Asli's haunting, wordless vocal phrases and kemenche tones offer a perfect counterbalance to Finseth's spare piano, and are expertly blended by sound alchemist A-dub who creates a deeply satisfying sonic experience."


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Opium Hymns - Album
(Jan 2020)

Press for Opium Hymns:

Photo by Isin Can

CDs of Kevin's releases are available at his record shop Highlife Records on Commercial Drive (Little Italy) in Vancouver.